+ Je suis journaliste/animateur/Dj, et j'aimerais participer a votre effort, comment y proceder?
Contactez nous afin que nous puissions discuter info@africavoice.news

+ Je suis journaliste et j'aimerais utiliser okwat.net pour upload mes emissions. Est ce possible?
Oui. Contactez nous afin que nous puissions discuter info@africavoice.news

+ What audio formats can I upload?
You can upload mp3, aiff, amr, 3ga, m4a, ogg, wma, mov and wav files. If you upload any format other than mp3, it is converted to mp3. If you upload an mp3, it is not reencoded. Make sure your mp3 is stereo.

+ I [have a suggestion / found a bug / would like to see some feature added], how do I tell you about it?
I am working to make Okwat as simple, useful and fun as possible, so I would love to hear from Okwat users! Feel free to contact me directly info@africavoice.news  and tell me about it.
+ How do I download my Okwat recordings?
Okwat are not intended to be downloaded, so they are by default set as undownloadable. Your own recordings will be listed on your account. You can share it on facebook, twitter etc or delete it.  

+ I can't get past the allow screen on the voice recorder in Firefox?
You can set permissions at the Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager. Find "www.africavoice.news" on the list of Websites and then click "Always allow" this will remove the dialog box from popping up and allow you to record.